Newborn baby’s feet bones are formed of soft and bendable cartilage. Due to the pliable nature, baby’s feet are more vunerable to malformation. So, it is important to make sure the comfort and flexibility of socks, booties or Baby Crochet Shoes to secure and boost the natural growth of baby’s delicate feet and toes.

If the baby tries to walk the first time, parents will quickly try to find baby shoes or crochet booties. Usually, crochet booties are desirable to most of the parents since they are flexible and provides comfort for your baby’s feet during indoor activities, whereas toddler shoes are normally used for outdoor activities and to secure the baby’s feet while walking through rough concrete floors.

Today, crochet booties can be purchased in a wide range of color, design, outlook, pattern, price plus much more. Parents can even find newborn baby booties in accordance with their baby’s outfit too.

If you are searching for crochet booties, you have to check out some important factors that determine the standard and comfort of the booties. Unlike infant shoes, you require not have to check all of the features of crochet booties as they are not usually made from hard materials such as leather. Since, baby booties are made from different types of soft and versatile yarn; they can fit your baby’s feet quite easily. Besides, they are going to offer room for flexible movements of your baby’s feet and toes.

Some key elements that must be checked out properly while trying to find booties are highlighted below:

Materials for manufacturing:

You should check the standard of the fabric utilized for its production. Usually, crochet baby booties that are made from 100% cotton are regarded as being one of the better booties for babies. Poor quality materials can cause allergy and rashes. So, ensure the crochet booties are created from good quality materials like cotton, mohair, wool, cashmere or alpaca.


Fabrication must also be examined properly because tight fits can cause pain and bone malformation during long period of usage, while good fabrication not just offers comfort but protects your baby’s feet too.

Check out its weight:

You need to also analyze the body weight of the booties since depending on the yarn used for manufacturing, booties weight will vary. Crochet booties that are created from cotton are light in weight, while booties that are made from wool might be zzadsn for your newborn babies.


Baby needs more space to maneuver its feet and toe freely. Remember, natural feet movement is needed to improve the expansion of bones and keep stability. Hence, it is essential to check out your space available from the booties.

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