Every year, thousands of BIGGBY® COFFEE owners, baristas, home office staff, and vendors gather for a exciting and fun two-day event know as AFM (Annual Franchise Meeting). Within this meeting, home business office staff shower owners and baristas with encouragement as they continue to build their businesses and grow the BIGGBY® COFFEE brand! The award of Store of the season is presented to the biggby that received the most nominations by none other than their customers! This award is presented to the store which has shined in their community above the rest. This store has grown in relationships with their customers, community, and staff, and left a long lasting impression on the ones that walk through the doors.

BIGGBY® COFFEE is excited an honored to mention BIGGBY® COFFEE Flat Rock the 2019 Store of year! Owned and operated by Diane Parker, BIGGBY® COFFEE Flat Rock has become open just over 36 months and has been exemplary in growing the BIGGBY® COFFEE brand. Parker and her team of baristas go far beyond to exude the BIGGBY® COFFEE core values of “Make friends, Have some fun, B yourself, and Share great coffee.”

Situated right in the center of Flat Rock, Woodhaven, Brownstown, and New Boston, they went to great lengths to access know their clients from each one of these communities.

“We are extremely thankful to remain Flat Rock, but additionally [be] a part of the neighboring communities of Woodhaven, Brownstown, and New Boston!” Parker said. “It means we now have customers from a number of communities with different views, opinions, and all find acceptance [at BIGGBY® COFFEE Flat Rock]; we are a reflection of our customers!” Parker said.

Committed to being a place where everybody is loved and accepted, BIGGBY® COFFEE strives to supply a warm and inviting environment. Between their upbeat music, friendly baristas, and unintimidating drinks like the Teddy Bear® and Caramel Marvel®, BIGGBY® COFFEE hosts an exciting experience for everybody that visits! Encouraged to get to know their customers and involve themselves within their communities, BIGGBY® COFFEE locations throughout the nation make it a goal to access know their potential customers and provide a house out of the house.

“We love being associated with our communities and believe our community has noticed and appreciated our involvement. Our baristas are dedicated to their jobs along with their customers in fact it is reciprocated by our customers who value them as well…. To get recognized as one of the many great stores that were nominated in the system is a thrill in itself,” Parker said.

Parker gives lots of credit to this award to her carefully chosen staff. While all in different walks in your life-some senior high school students, some mothers to small children, and a few older ones-each is taught to a very high standard that will empower them in their position and in inside their community. Just as important as their customers, Parker noted she enjoys the kdqcat that she has in aiding her employees fulfill their goals and dreams.

Increase your lattes with the rest of BIGGBY® Nation while we congratulation Diane Parker as well as the rest of her team on the excellent achievement of becoming the 2019 BIGGBY® COFFEE Store of the Year.

BIGGBY® COFFEE, East Lansing, Mich.-based, was started with a single store on March 15, 1995. 1 year later, and on the cusp of opening a second location, Bob Fish and Michael McFall, over a handshake and $4,000, made a decision to franchise the idea. BIGGBY® COFFEE’s cultural values of Make Friends, Have Fun, B Yourself, and Share Great Coffee help coffee-lovers and also the coffee-curious alike reap the benefits of a less pretentious and fun approach to the typical gourmet cafe paradigm.

Besides connoisseur-worthy drinks with pronounceable names like Teddy Bear® and Caramel Marvel®, BIGGBY® baristas provide a unique experience dedicated to brightening their customers’ day and supporting them in building a life they love. The “Big ‘B’” on the orange background caught on, and today BIGGBY® COFFEE has greater than 230 cafes across 9 states and counting including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Florida, and Texas. In 2018, BIGGBY® launched a place Representative Program and currently has 8 Area Representatives in 6 states.

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